Friday, March 18, 2011

Schedule Your MRI Now


Starting April 1st - Monthly Referral Incentive Program
How does it work?

Refer a new student to The Bead Metaler Studios & make sure you give your referral your name.
Once the new student has taken their first class you will receive credit for the same amount they spend on their class fee.

You refer your new friend to me and they sign up for a $45.00 metal class and take the class on April 5th.
You will have 30 days from April 5th to use your credit of $45.00
The rules are simple:
This is a use it or loose it credit with no roll over credits allowed
Credit is not transferable with no exceptions
MRI's are good for NEW students only.

Pick up some business cards next time you are in class and start getting your classes for free!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cup Cake Fun

Most everyone knows that I make and teach jewelry classes in Las Vegas but once in awhile you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something new and for me ...crazy. I have a very good friend who is an expert scrapbook maker and so for her birthday this year one of her gifts I gave her was this cupcake made of paper and paper flowers. The cupcake has a secret hiding place for a gift card, I just love secrets don't you?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art And Soul- Las Vegas

Art and Soul is here in Las Vegas this week for the second year in a row, and word of mouth is that it won't be coming back due to low attendance. I don't know if that is Art and Soul's fault for not advertising enough, or Las Vegas's fault for not advertising enough or our fault for knowing about it and not taking advantage of all it has to offer.
This was my second Las Vegas Art and Soul and I went to Portland Art And Soul Last year and had so much fun each year.
This year I took 2 classes, the first was a Sally Jean class in Soldering for Virgins, I was a little disappointed in that class due to the
over booking - there were just way too many students in that class ...36 to be exact. The project I made or am still making I should say is a 3 piece pendant that has a photo of my parents cutting their wedding cake over 60 years ago on one side and on the other is a paragraph of one of my mother's original poems and two other 2- sided little soldered pieces one says Home/Keepsake and the other says Tender/Love."

The second class was actually suppose to be with the fantastic teacher Robert Dancik in working with Faux Bone but a day before the classes started I got email saying that he came down with the H1N1 flu virus and would not be able to travel at all and so I ended up changing to a class with Sherri Habb and it was an etching class without using all the dangerous, messy chemicals ...It was an awesome class for a few reasons ....1. My friend Jerry took the class with me 2. Sherri Habb is a wonderful instructor and 3. I met so many nice people in that class. By the way you might want to go check out my "Cool Stuff" page to see how this etching system works.

Lessons learned? Sign up for classes when they come to Las Vegas or we will be left out and ....GET A FLU SHOT people.
Feel better Robert I really missed taking a class with you this year.