Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year ...2015

I know it's been such a long time since I have posted but life has thrown me for a loop and I am trying to make sense of it all and I am finding it difficult. I normally post my New Years resolution about this time and I was sitting here thinking of what I will do differently in the new year...hmmm I think this year I will go easy on myself and make my resolution about being kinder to people and to stop taking so much for granted, I have certainly learned...Life is short.

I want to thank my family and friends for all the love and support that has been gifted to me over the past several months. I know I never be able to repay everyone for all that they have done for me and will need you all in the coming months for sure...this next year will be one of the most difficult years of my life. I am planning on getting back to teaching next month and back to my work at the Senior Center....I couldn't have gotten through this without you all.