Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't you need a MRI yet?

Lori (left) Ronna (right) too much fun in class yesterday 

Ronna just got her MRI yesterday no no not a medical MRI a Beadmetaler MRI. Ronna brought a new student to class yesterday and now has a $40.00 credit to use toward her next class.
Need a refresher on how my MRI program works?
Monthly Referral Incentive = MRI
Lets use Ronna and Lori as an example. Ronna has been taking classes from me for quite sometime (and does beautiful work if I do say so myself) she suggested her friend Lori take yesterday's class, this was a really fun class and the class fee was $40.00, now that Lori has completed this class Ronna gets this same amount of money of this class fee towards any class she wants in the next 30 days cool is that.