Friday, December 30, 2011

Balance .....Happy New Year

2 years ago my New Years resolution was NEVER to have "loose weight" as a resolution ever again so January 2010 I started exercising using my WII aerobics and lost my first 20lbs then I started eating organic ...or as much organic as I could and lost another 15 pounds. I kept my resolution that year because by the beginning of 2011 I had lost the weight and so that was off my plate.... no pun intended. In the beginning of 2011 my New Years resolution was to get fit so January 1st I started going to Zumba and then a strength training class as well as adding Walk it Out on my WII ...I actually gained 5 lbs during year but I'm okay with that. I feel good, I feel fit, my cloths still fit and I feel like I am stronger this year than last and again ...I kept my resolution. It's nearly 2012 and this year my New Years resolution is about putting some balance in my life. I tend to go all out weather it's teaching, creating, dieting, exercising, cupcake making get the idea. I am a Libra after all and my sign is the sign of balance so this year I have decided to try to put more balance in my life, I have just accepted a part time job that will get me out of the house a bit and out of the studio. I am still going to be teaching but will be keeping it to the weekends, I am still going to keep fit with exercising as a matter of fact I should be getting Dance Dance Revolution in the mail this week for my WII, and I will still try to eat as healthly as I can, of course there will be cupcakes but maybe not so many this year. So what is your resolution for 2012???

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Square is here!

I just got my square in the mail and and now able to accept credit cards in class cool is that?