Friday, August 17, 2007


I was thinking I should start sharing some of the work you guys do in class. We all learn from each other, be it color combinations, design or just learning about who we are as people.
Last week the Silver Art Clay class was making watch bands. This is Betty Scott's finished watch band, she is so controlled
with her syringe work. It looks great Betty, good job.

(click on photos to see more detail views)


Mandy said...

This is so awesome!!! I love it! Great job Betty! xoxox

Bicken said...

GOOD JOB - you are so creative and have such a touch with your art. Congrats and way to go!

CAREYH214 said...

Betty has the uncanny ability to bring the best out in people as beautifully as she does with any of her chosen mediums. We are lucky to have her as a friend.