Thursday, March 13, 2008


I had a few of you ask me to post a message when my next project would be out for publication. Well you can pick up your copy of Step By Step Wire this month to see my Charm Necklace project. Here is a list of all the projects that have been published to date.
Beadwork: June/July 2004
Step By Step Wire: Spring 2006
Bead & Button: April 2007
Bead & Button:February 2008
Step By Step Wire: Spring 2008

Still to come this year:
Creative Beadweaving Book: June 2008
Beadwork: September 2008

Thanks for all your support and creative energy!!


Robbie said...

Hi and congratulations! My sister lives in Washington state and just told me about your article, so I had to stop by your blog.
I'll have a pin in Vogue Magazine (Knitting) at the end of the month and I'm so thrilled....
Hope to meet you soon.

Jackie said...

Wow, you really are famous! That is so neat to be published!! My goal is to get in a scrapbook magazine one day!